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Made in America

Why does being Made in the U.S.A matter?

Most candle companies produce their candles overseas to save money. This takes potential jobs away from Americans, creates a product that has a high carbon footprint on the environment, and highly increases the risk of toxic and unregulated ingredients added.

The way large candle companies cut corners is on cheap ingredients. A scented candle might have a soy base, but that is later cut with other undesirable and cheaper ingredients. Because of this it's typical for companies to use petroleum-based waxes like paraffin to save money and reduce quality. Paraffin wax creates benzene and toluene chemicals when burned, these are carcinogens linked to cancer.

"Scientists suggested switching to candles made from beeswax or soy, which produced no detectable levels of harmful chemicals"
- The Independent

Scents are a gray area for regulation, especially in foreign nations. In America, we have laws on the books regulating scents and the chemicals that are allowed to be used, but other countries don't have that luxury. Depending on where your candle was produced on Earth, it could contain a whole list of unknown and unregulated toxic chemicals you're burning and inhaling. It's quite common for cheap candles to contain phthalates and other chemicals known to cause cancer.

What's in our American Made candles?

We only use soy wax made from 100% American-grown soybeans. Our wax is 100% pure soy wax and contains no other waxes. A good indicator that your candle is made with 100% soy wax is by looking at the texture of the candle inside the jar or tin. Soy wax candles won't always be smooth and creamy when looking at the wax unlit inside, but rather contain small bumps and imperfections indicating it's soy wax.

Selecting safe scents, even in the United States, can be a daunting task. We take pride in sourcing all of our scents from American companies that make their scents here. Our scents contain zero phthalates and also adhere to safety and purity guidelines outlined by RIFM and IFRA.


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