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How to properly burn your candle

It seems like common sense, light your candle and enjoy... right? But there's one very important step missing: Trimming your candle wick when relighting your candle.

Why should I trim the wick after relighting?

Every time you burn your candle the wick will inevitably build up carbon. If you've lit a candle in the past you've seen this as it's typical for all candles, it's the dark "mushroom" shape tip you'll find connected to the top of the wick. Relighting the wick with the carbon build up attached is undesirable and can possibly produce unwanted suit and darkening color within your jar or tin.

How do I do it?

It's simple! At minimum, remove the carbon buildup by simple plucking it off. For optimal results use a wick trimmer, scissors, or finger nail clippers, and trim the wick down to an eighth (1/8) of an inch. Doing this will guarantee a perfect burn every time and it will extend your candle's lifespan.




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