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The USS Lake Erie

In honor of the Battle of Lake Erie and Oliver Hazard Perry’s efforts in the War of 1812, this ship was given the name USS Lake Erie and was commissioned on July 24th, 1993. This vessel is a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser and resides in its home port of sunny San Diego, California.

The ship’s motto, proudly printed for all to see on the main deck, is "DONT GIVE UP THE SHIP". This phrase was made famous by Commodore Perry in the Battle of Lake Erie, as it was written on his battle flag for all of his fleet to see. The spelling used on this ship holds true to the original motto that didn’t include an apostrophe on the “t”.

Tours of the ship have been made open to the public before in the past, but is an uncommon scenario as this is an active duty vessel. We thank all of the brave men and women aboard that serve to protect our country and wish them a safe journey throughout their missions in the open seas.

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