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The Biggest Hotel in America

In 1892 the largest hotel in America to-date started construction, and opened its doors to the public in 1896. This elegant and large hotel was called The Hotel Victory. Located on South Bass Island, near the city of Put-in-Bay, its launch was covered in papers across the nation. For a small sliver in time, the entire country was focused on the grand opening of this never-before-seen hotel.

Hotel Design

The Hotel Victory was a marvelous design created by E.O. Fallis and The Feick Construction Company of Sandusky. The main building was a staggering 600 feet wide by 300 feet deep, this also included an inner courtyard that was 200 square feet in size.

Postcard from the Hotel Victory, Put-in-Bay, Ohio - Circa 1915

The Hotel Victory included 625 basic guest rooms and 80 suites, totaling a whopping 705 rooms. It also boasted modern features such as multiple elevators, bell boys on every floor, an indoor swimming pool, efficient steam heating, and electrical lighting.
The hotel included multiple large dining halls that — when combined — could serve over a thousand guests at a time.

Hotel Pricing

When the Hotel Victory opened its doors in 1896, their day-rate for a standard room was $2.50 and weekly rates ranged from $14.00 to $35.00. If you account for inflation today, the Hotel Victory would roughly cost you ~$76.00 a day, and weekly rates would range from ~$426.00 to ~$1,065.00 — which isn't terrible by today's standards, considering the amenities provided. 

Postcard from the Hotel Victory, Put-in-Bay, Ohio - Circa 1915

The Original Brochure

The Hotel Victory's brochure cover touts their claims of being The Superb Leader of all Lake Resorts and The Largest Summer Resort in the World. Featuring black and white photos of landmarks on the property and the views of Lake Erie from Put-in-Bay, Island. 


Would you stay at the Hotel Victory?

Click through the entire Hotel Victory brochure and imagine what 1890s summer vacationing was like on this beautiful Put-in-Bay resort. 

The largets and most handsomely furnished summer hotel in the world.
About Hotel Victory
About the area around Hotel Victory including the ciy of Put-in-Bay, Ohio.
An Island Castle. Perry's Willow.
Fruit of Put-in-Bay. Social Features.
Arrangement. Southern Exposure.
Cuisine. Fishing.
Vineyard & Packing House of Capt. John Stone. Lawn, where the little people play. Meet me at the rustic bridge. Perry's Cave.
Orchestra & Ball Room. Lady Guests of Hotel Victory. Bowling Alley & Wine Room. East Side of Put-in-Bay Island.
Points of Interest, and Attractions. Electric Railroad.
The Social Center of the Island
Imposing Appearance.
Perry's Cave. Guides. Climate.
Strontia. Our guest chambers.
Amusements. The swimming pool or natatorium.
Cottage life at Victory Park. How to reach Put-in-Bay.
Cheap rates. Distances from Put-in-Bay Island in a direct line. Suggestions to visitors.
Our manager. Put-in-Bay Churches.

Tragic Ending

An unknown fire started on August 14th, 1919 where flames originated from the top floor, spreading quickly throughout. Hotel visitors were notified and quickly exited the building. Today, little remains of the hotel. Parts of the swimming pool's concrete foundation can still be seen on the property.


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